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Warrior PvP is a whole different story to warrior PvE. In PvP, every class hates us. Why? Because of our stuns and staggers and ability to survive. Also, haters be hatin’.

Regardless of all the hate, I will give you tips & tricks to being even more annoying. Again, I am not the best warrior at PvP, there are plenty of others that are better than me. If you use any of these against me, I will remove this section.

Am I joking? Who knows.

Both stances (Assault Stance & Defensive Stance) are viable for PvP. Defensive Stance warriors are hated more than Assault Stance. Want to know why? Continue reading to find out.

This section will be written for warriors who use Assault Stance. If you want to use Defensive Stance, go find a different guide. You don’t belong here. This is a DPS guide (which doesn’t really matter in PvP…) which means Assault Stance.

From the recent patch, warriors have received a 5% overall PvP damage decrease in both stances.

Warrior PvP damage has been nerfed down by 2.3% and PvP defence has been increased by 0.1% in Assault Stance.

Warrior PvP damage has been nerfed down by 6.9% in Defensive Stance and PvP defence has decreased by 1%.

Glyph Setups & Rotations

PvP glyph setups are different to PvE by a lot for warriors. Your glyph setups should rely on stunning skills.

This is the glyph template that you want to use for PvP. From here on, you can glyph anything at your own preference.

Here’s the glyph build I personally use.

As you can see, I rely heavily on my Cascade of Stuns and glyph it the most. The damage is fairly good on this skill and the Powerlink glyph is helpful because you will be using this rotation a lot.

Most of your rotations will start off with Backstab so don’t waste it too much. I’ve done a few combo experiments and these are the ones that seem most effective. Note: Some of these rotations will not work without double attack speed on your weapon.

General warrior PvP Rotation:

Backstab -> Poison Blade -> Cascade of Stuns -> Combative Strike -> Rain of Blows

This is the rotation every warrior will use at one point.

You don’t have to fit in the Poison Blade in between Backstab and Cascade of Stuns if you don’t want to. The chain stuns sometimes doesn’t work so if you want to complete this rotation without any risks, you can just use:

Backstab -> Cascade of Stuns -> Combative Strike -> Rain of Blows

The Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw Rotation:

Roll/Death From Above -> Backstab -> Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw -> Stagger with Combo Attack or Combative Strike -> Battle Cry -> Cascade of Stuns -> Pounce -> Rain of Blows

This combo can be slightly risky. Between Blade Draw -> Stagger, there will be a slight time where the target will be free to move which is why you have to stagger quickly and follow it up with Battle Cry. If this combo succeeds, it will deal massive amounts of damage to the target. I’ve personally only succeeded this combo only a few times because I get kill stolen in BGs or someone else comes and interrupts me. Too lazy to duel and test this. For this rotation, you will want to glyph damage on Vortex Slash if you can, though it’s not compulsory because you will be lacking glyph points most likely.

The Knock Down Rotation:

This is basically General warrior PvP rotation -> Reaping Slash -> Roll -> Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw

Reaping Slash will cause a knockdown which gives a chance for you to roll behind and use Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw. Just a little thing – when you knockdown with Reaping Slash, I don’t why but the targets get knocked down in strange directions sometimes so make sure you see where they’re being knocked down before rolling…

If you get hit by Retaliate, you can use Staggering Counter to stun first then use Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw for a more secure kill. Remember, there is a slight immunity to knockdowns and stuns time straight after using Retaliate so time this carefully.

If they don’t die, chase them down and stagger for a bit (see below) then use Scythe to knock them down again. They will no longer have Retaliate at this point and you can freely attack them with whatever you have.

Stuns & Staggers

The most important thing you want to know about PvPing as a warrior is manipulating your stuns and staggers.


Skills that cause stagger to target:

  • Combo Attack First hit of Combo Attack
  • Combative Strike Combative Strike

Staggering is the main reason why people hate warriors. Staggering is a short time frame when you interrupt the target from doing anything. They cannot move, or cast skills even in the middle of casting one – e.g. Fireblast – when staggered, hence the term staggering.

Use staggers to cancel out the opponents attacks.

Skills that take a long time to cast like Rain of Arrows (archer) or Fireblast (sorcerer) can be cancelled with staggering and the archer or sorcerer will hate you forever. Charge up skills which archers and berserkers havecan be cancelled by using staggering as well. This is why berserkers cry so much about a fix for staggering when charging. Even with healers, if you stagger them during their healing skills, the effect may appear, but the person being healed will not be healed most of the time.

Most warriors in Defensive Stance will use the stupid and cheeky stagger locking. I won’t tell you how to do it because the last thing I want is more stupid warriors in Defensive Stance staggering people to death, though you’ll probably figure it out anyway. Yes, I am mad.

A true warrior will learn how to use staggers in Assault Stance.

This is still a stagger lock… just in Assault Stance and it is harder to execute than when you’re in Defensive Stance.

The Stagger Rotation:

Combative Strike -> First hit of Combo Attack -> Poison Blade -> First hit of Combo Attack -> Combative Strike -> First hit of Combo Attack and repeat.

If the target runs away, use Rising Fury to chase them down. This requires timing, aiming and no desync issues. It is impossible to execute this perfectly all the time because of desync issues and in group PvP situations where someone may come and help peel you off. Desyncing means that even if you ‘land’ a hit on the target, it won’t do anything because they are actually a few meters away from where you hit.

Staggers are important to warriors and annoys the hell out of other people so use it often and well.

Desyncing is the horrible part of TERA PvP. If there was no desync in TERA, warriors would most likely dominate everyone because warriors suffer hugely from desync and hitbox issues. Half our attacks sometimes will just go through the enemy and you can’t do anything about it but get used to it, sadly.


Warriors have two different types of stuns – off-the-bat stuns and conditional stuns.

Off-the-bat stuns are the ones you can use at any time and it will stun a target. Conditional stuns are ones that require a… condition to work.

Off-the-bat stuns consist of:

  • Battle Cry Battle Cry
  • Backstab Backstab

Condition stuns consist of:

  • Staggering Counter Staggering Counter – Requires to be hit
  • Cascade of Stuns Cascade of Stuns – Requires an already stunned target

Backstab is the main stun you will be using and it is what all classes fear.

Battle Cry is used for catching people off guard that are near you and your AoE stun.

Staggering Counter is your “OH HELL NAW, YOU DIDN’T JUST TOUCH ME.” slap to the face stun.

Cascade of Stuns is also your AoE stun. It is funny watching around 5 people just stand still doing nothing after you use this skill. Make sure you hit a stunned target so you do not waste this.

A little hint in making the most out of this skill is when a lancer uses Chained Leash (or Giga Leash) and you hit the leashed targets with this skill. There is literally no escape from that.

Into the Heat of Battle…

In PvP, you will most likely encounter the following types of battles:

  • Large scale group battle.
  • Small scale group battle.
  • 1 vs 1 battle.

Before anything, remember this rule in PvP:

Nothing will work as you expect it to be all the time because different players will play and react differently, so be prepared for that.

Large Scale Group Battle

A warriors main role in large scale group battles will be annoying the backline as much as possible. Warriors excel at this because of their ability to survive due to their high number of i-frames and mobility. You need to concentrate on keeping yourself alive as much as possible whilst annoying the backline at the same time.

The backline will mainly consist of ranged DPS (sorcerers and archers) and healers (priests and mystics). Your job is to get to their backline and use your staggers, stuns, knockdowns and anything at your disposal to try and disable them from doing their job.

In order to this, you will have to aware of what skills sorcerers and archers have like traps, charging shots, etc. The traps will be quite painful if you run into them so make sure you don’t step on them. This will be hard at first because you need to get used to their skills and timings.

Use your staggers to disrupt archers from charging shots and sorcerers from casting their Fireblast. If you are hit by any of these skills, you AND your team will suffer badly so make sure they do not cast it as much as possible.

If you see them gathered together, use Scythe to knock them all down. When they use Retaliate, wait 1 or 2 seconds then use Reaping Slash to knock them down quickly again. They won’t be able to get back up straight away again because they will have Retaliate on cooldown at this point.

When you see a target with low HP target running, backstab them and finish them off.

In Fraywind Canyon (15vs15), you and your team will most likely have a massive clash and battle at the middle pyre.

You should take the route the purple arrows indicate to get to the backline.

(My MS Paint skills are amazing.)

Green fill = allies, red fill = enemies.

Black outline = melee DPS, pink outline = ranged DPS, blue outline = healers.

Please note that this will be hard to achieve if you are severely undergeared.

If you are undergeared, I recommend you stay near your backline and peel enemies off your healers and ranged DPS so they can do their job without disturbance because you will be killed quickly if not careful.

Peeling means to keep the enemies off your team by distracting them, staggering, stunning, or whatever. Or you could be sent to the north or south pyre, depending on which side your spawn is at, to capture it right at the start.

Alternatively, you can run straight past the pyre and backstab their lancer and keep him stunned so they cannot execute their Chained Leash (or Giga Leash). Hopefully your team mates will notice this and finish the lancer off first before he/she can do anything.

I personally just charge in first, even in front of lancers, and backstab the target leading their charge (or right in front of their charge) and use Cascade of Stuns first. This will give time for my team to push past the pyre as their frontline will most likely be disabled. After that, I roll to the backline and start my annoying business.

Try not to push too far though… healers will won’t be able to reach you because most of them stay at the back line, unless you have a very brave and talented healer to keep you alive.

Small Scale Group Battle

In small scale group battles, your role is similar to large scale battles but mostly it will just be annoying their healer. You also need to focus on keeping your own team alive as well which is quite easy to achieve as a warrior due to our high mobility so you can go back and forth quickly and easily.

In Champions’ Skyring (3vs3), you and your other DPS will most likely focus on one target and finishing them off first. This could be their healer, their ranged, their melee, anything. If you are going for their DPS, hopefully your healer will sleep their healer so you can kill the one target quickly.

If you see any of your team dying, forget annoying the healer or whatever and help them out immediately unless they can handle it. Your first priority will be saving your healer.

I’m no expert at Champions’ Skyring and personally have only reached up to around 1.2k rating.

1 vs 1 Battle

Whether it be Fraywind Canyon or Champions’ Skyring, there will always be a point where you have to 1 vs 1 with someone.

Do not open with Backstab straight away. Get closer to your target first and use your stagger combo for a bit. Once you see an opening and they have been damaged a bit or if they use an evasion skill, use Backstab and use any of the rotations above after the animation on their evasion skill ends. This will be easier when fighting melee classes because they don’t have those annoying traps.

If you can’t get close to them because they are a ranged, use Charging Slash to get closer to them. They will most likely use an evasion skill and this is your chance to use Backstab when their evasion skills are on cooldown. If they are camping in their trap, just run around until their trap expires and then murder them brutally for being cheeky.

If you see someone jumping around when you approach them, that’s because they expect you to use Backstab straight away. When you use Backstab on a jumping target, they will be knocked down instead of being stunned.

Do not fall for this and use Backstab straight away if they are doing this. Just walk up to them and use Combative Strike or whatever to knock them down while they are jumping. They will most likely use Retaliate then evade/block or fight back after this. As soon as you see them get up, hold it in for a bit and use Staggering Counter. You need to time this correctly, otherwise it will not work.

If you succeed stunning them as they get up, follow the Staggering Counter up by using Pounce then chaining into Traverse Cut then chaining straight into Blade Draw from Traverse Cut. Just spam your chain skill button as soon as you use Pounce. After being unstunned, they will most likely use an evasion/block skill to avoid the Blade Draw. By using Pounce, you have slowed down their evasion, making them move less.

As soon as you see their evasion skill animation end, use Backstab then and use the general warrior PvP rotation. If they still survive after that, use Battle Cry, roll to them, then Vortex Slash -> Blade Draw to finish them off (hopefully your Blade Draw will be off cooldown by then). This SHOULD kill the target unless you are heavily outgeared. If not, use the staggering combo above until one of your stuns get off cooldown and start again.

If you fail to use Staggering Counter, they will either evade away or fight back. If they evade away, use Backstab on them after their evasion skill animation ends then follow up with any of the PvP rotations above. If they don’t die, use the staggering combo above until one of your stuns get off cooldown and start again.

Keep in mind that if it is during a BG match, you might have disturbances mid-fight because their team has come to help or your team has come to help and steal your kill.

This section was also pretty long so I’m going to insert another random Back to top here.

Gear & Crystals

PvP gear is completely different to PvE gear. This isn’t always true, but most of the time, your gear will decide whether you win a fight or not because TERA has separate PvP stats which will judge your damage and defence in PvP heavily.

There are 2 main tiers of PvP gear: T13 and T14. You CAN get T12 with PvP stats but I heavily recommend that you avoid using it or going near it for PvP.

T13 PvP Gear

Fraywind > Agnitor’s > Victor’s

Names of Victor’s set: Celebration & Jubilation (wep), Overcoat of Confidence (chest), Gloves of the Victor (gloves) and Indefatigable Boots (shoes).

Victor’s set is the most basic PvP set. It can’t be enchanted, it can’t be rerolled, and it is bad. I do recommend using this if you’re a fresh 60 and want to PvP as it is very very cheap and acquired easily. If you already have at least +9 T14 PvE set, you would be better off using the PvE set.

I won’t cover Agnitor’s gear because it is not widely used and Fraywind is much more superior to it, though it is still viable for PvP.

Names of Fraywind set: Judge & Jury (wep), Fraywind Tunic (chest), Abate Mitts (gloves) and Tumult Dodgers (shoes).

Fraywind set is the most superior out of all the T13 PvP sets. It is enchantable and has very high base statseven though it is only T13. In fact, it has higher base stats than Conjunct which are T14. You’ll find out what Conjunct is soon… It is highly recommended that you buy this if you have the funds to before entering BG, otherwise… you might be slaughtered quickly.

T14 PvP Gear

Visionmaker > Bloodrave > Visionmaker > Bloodrave > Conjunct

Yes, this is kind of mindblowing… It’s because some VM items are better than Bloodrave items and vice versa.

  • Bloodrave gloves are much better than Visionmaker gloves because they offer higher PvP stats.
  • Visionmaker chest is better because it offers a skill stat.
  • Visionmaker weapon is better because it has a higher base stat and an RNG stun.
  • Visionmaker shoes are slightly better because it has a bit higher PvP stat and two rerollable stats.

Remember though, getting Bloodrave is just pure PvP all the way with no PvE involved. Getting Visionmaker requires clearing one of the hardest PvE content which means you have to be a PvE hero for a while just to get the ‘best’ PvP gear. Also, Bloodrave equipment are already masterworked and enchanted up to +12 with 3% masterwork stats so you do not have to pay for spellbinds, alkahests and MESs which is a huge advantage to poor people (like me). It will take some serious PvP to get, so good luck.

T14 PvP gear is the gear you want if you want to do anything competitive to be honest. Anything competitive includes Champions’ Skyring (3vs3), Guild vs Guild (GvG), duels, etc. Well, Champions’ Skyring is the only competitve content that rewards you here.

To put it simply, T13 PvP gear is your basic PvP gear and T14 PvP gear is your advanced PvP gear.

With T14 PvP gear, you will be stomping on other teams in Fraywind Canyon unless the other side is geared as well. But remember, having T14 PvP isn’t everything. Without skill, you’ll just be a gear carried ‘nub’.

But fear not! It is possible to develop your skills through practice. Remember, practice makes perfect. We were all a ‘nub’ at one point, so it’s fine if you aren’t performing well.

Anyways, here are the names of each sets.

Names of Conjunct set: Cut & Waste (wep), Layered Leathers (chest), Accretion Gloves (gloves) and Coalescing Steps (shoes).

(I don’t own a pair of masterworked Conjunct gloves, so I stole the pic from an old guildie.)

Conjunct gear is the start of your advanced PvP gear. It will allow you to do all PvP content without being at a disadvantage of gear. By all PvP content, I mean EVERYTHING. Even against Visionmaker people, you can still win because PvP at this point is more based on skill as Conjunct to VM is no huge difference, though the RNG stun on VM could ruin the fight… There is one rerollable stat for each piece and offers higher PvP stats than Fraywind though it has lower base stats. Base stat doesn’t really affect PvP too much, to be honest, so higher PvP stats makes Conjunct much, much better.

Names of Bloodrave set: Atrium & Ventricle (wep), Mourning Coat (chest), Sinew-Wrapped Gloves (gloves) and Tendon-Laced Boots (shoes).

As mentioned above, Bloodrave is very hard to get but very good and requires no PvE to get. Along with not having to enchant and deal with RNG, it makes it the best PvP gear that is acquired only through PvP. The Bloodrave gloves are the best PvP gloves right now and are fairly easy to acquire if you can find a decent team to do Champions’ Skyring with.

I won’t add Visionmaker set name because it is already in the guide somewhere and I’m feeling lazy.

Stat Bonuses

Rerolling stat bonuses aren’t exactly that important for you in PvP because PvP gear only has either 1 or 2 rerollable stats.

Only Conjunct and above provides rerollable stats so if you’re in Fraywind gear or below, you don’t have to worry about this section.

For PvP weapon, you want attack speed. Cut & Waste already provides one attack speed stat, so you just need to get attack speed for the rerollable stat for double attack speed. Double attack speed is essential as it will help you use your combos.

For PvP chest, you want decreased PvP damage taken or increased HP restoration. Conjunct only offers 1 rerollable stat so you can only choose one of them. Decreased PvP damage will be more ideal in duels and stuff because you have no heals, but HP restoration can be good in BGs where you get loads of damage from enemies. Well, it’s only useful with a good healer. Less frontal damage isn’t that bad but that only counts when the enemy is attacking from in front of you and won’t be of any help from back attacks.

For PvP shoes, you want decreased PvP damage or decreased duration for slow effects. Decreased PvP damage will be more ideal because… well, you receive less damage. But slow effects isn’t that bad because hailstorm is really annoying and will help you slightly to deal with it. Overall, I think decreased PvP damage is more ideal than decreased duration for slow effects.

For PvP gloves, you want power. This is pretty obvious to be honest. As I’ve said before, Conjunct gear only has one rerollable stat, which means even the gloves already provide power at +10/11/12 without having to reroll them, so you might as well go all power.

This is just a bonus thing to boost your ilvl if you’re using a Conjunct weapon…

When you masterwork an item, you can get either a 1%, 2% or 3% stat boost on the masterworked item. A masterwork Conjunct weapon that has 1% or 2% masterwork stat bonus is ilvl 157 whilst a masterwork Conjunct weapon with 3% masterwork stat bonus is ilvl 159. You may want to consider getting 3% on your weapon because it will boost your ilvl as a whole and let you go into premades that request for high ilvl people more easily.


PvP crystal setups are very different to PvE crystal setups.

For weapon, you want to use these crystals:

  • Savage Crystal
  • Carving Crystal/Swift Crystal
  • Salivating Crystal
  • Forceful Crystal/Swift Crystal

Don’t get confused here: you can only equip one Swift Crystal so you can only replace either Carving crystal or Forceful crystal with it. Salivating crystal is a must if you don’t want to be mana starved. I personally use Savage, Carving, Salivating and Forceful.

For chest, you want to use these crystals:

  • 4x Relentless Crystals

This is all you really want. More HP is the best crystal for PvP. There are other crystals you can use, but Relentless is more superior.

For jewellery, you want to use these crystals:

  • 4x Griefing Crystals – increases PvP damage by 4


  • 4x Indomitable Crystals – decreases PvP damage taken by 5

I highly recommend that you use Griefing crystals as more PvP damage is important. You can use Indomitable crystals if you want to be able to survive more. It’s personal preference, really.

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