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tera power leveling guide

Leveling in TERA Online is generally pretty simple, but there are a few different ways you can get to the level cap. This TERA Leveling Guide will cover the fastest and easiest ways to get your character maxed out. It is highly recommended to quest, especially on your first character. Also, partying makes the leveling process in TERA much quicker and easier for everyone involved, so I strongly suggest finding a leveling partner or just LFG as much as possible (especially if you’re a healer)! Whichever method you choose to level up, this TERA Leveling Guide is the place to look.

If you are leveling alts, it’s highly recommended to always have at least on-level rare gear and accessories as well as a +6 superior weapon. Hunter, Mutinous and Domineering crystals are highly recommended as well.

Tip: Remember to keep yourself charmed up (Power/Endurance/Infusion) whenever you’re farming. It makes life so much easier. It is also HIGHLY recommended to buy XP boosts off the Auction House (at least 50% XP Boost (1 Hour)) and pop them whenever you go to any grinding spot.

Table of Contents

  1. Grinding Spots
    • Level 11-20
    • Level 23-32
    • Level 32-38
    • Level 38-42
    • Level 42-54
    • Level 50-54
    • Level 54-58
    • Level 58-60
  2. BAM Grinding
    • Level 20-30
    • Level 30-40
    • Level 40-60
  3. Questing

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tera rising gold farming

Gearing up in TERA requires a ton of gold. You’re constantly earning and spending gold and there’s always more ways to spend it than there are to make some. I’m going to write down a few ways I found to make some gold and how to make the most of what you have. If you have advice or want to share your little tricks, go ahead and post a reply and I’ll credit you when I update it. Here we go.

1. A few concepts
2. Farming
3. Using the trade broker
4. Understanding the market
5. Maximizing profit
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Making Tera Gold Tips and Guides

30 Tips & Tricks you might not know.

  1. Your invertory can be auto-sorted with the icon on the bottom right.
  2. Scale down only your quest tracker to see the maximum 7 quests.
  3. When picking up the loot there’s no need to spam the pickup key, just hold it down and your character will pick up all the loot.
  4. Shift and arrow keys will pan the camera away from the character, this is handy in dungeons, narrow hallways or just for screenshots.
  5. Fall damage will never kill you, but instead leaves you at 1% hp. Read More

tera low level gold farming

We’ve been playing Bluehole Studio’s exciting subscription-based MMORPG for the majority of the past week and even though publisher Frogster has made some significant strides in localising the distinctly Korean TERA for a Western audience there are a handful of things you need to be mindful of before you jump in.

Here are more than a few tips to make your trip up to level 11 and off the starter island as quick and enjoyable as possible: Read More

Tera gold farming 2013

Joining a mmorpg like Tera Online usually comes with a lot of rewards if you have bought the game then you can expect that you got your founders account and if you used your code backwards chances are you got a free mount with some free emeralds which vendor for 1k gold each. But many people never bought the physical copy and the time to still obtain these is running out. So how will you make gold in Tera Online? Most websites want to sell you some secret gold farming guide or sell you gold with some shady gold farming outfit but today I will teach you how to make gold in Tera Online completely free and no strings attatched.

At lower levels while it might seem nearly impossible to farm gold there are still some ways to farm gold without having a level 60. You will need to however get to level 27 or higher first to make it worth time to farm. The very first dungeon which drops superior items is called Sinestral Manor these are valuable to lower levels and people making new characters because when upgraded they can carry a player quickly through level 27-38 without having to buy a new weapon or armor. Armors usually sell for much more then the weapons since they can be used by multible classes. Example a priest uses the same type of armor as a sorcerer or mystic just like archers share the same gear with warriors and slayers. Even if no superior armors are for sale chances are you can sell armors for 2 or 3 times the value since drop of armors are also quite rare. Read More

tera online archer guide

The Archer is a lightly armored class which specializes in a bow with long ranged offensive damage-dealing capabilities.

While attacking from the distance, their bow allows them to shoot a devastating blow toward the enemy from where the enemy can’t reach them. As they also have high speeds, they can dodge and move quickly across the battlefield whilst still maintaining distance to shoot. When necessary, they can also lure enemies into fatal traps in order to change the outcome of the battle. Read More

tera gold farming guide

Level 60 gold farming guide

For those that hit 60 freshly, refer to below guide for what you can do for gold farming and how. These are mainly targetted to assist fresh 60s apart from ToT option.

1) Three Towers

Below is the best place for farming gold as a fresh 60. The mobs you’ll be farming are level 58 Blood Fiends. This is a very well known place and one channel can only sustain one person. There’re usually four channels available. For fresh 60s, this probably yields the highest gold / hr but it is also the most boring option and does not have added benefits of reputation. Read More

tera glyphs quest types and strategies

Glyphs are a way to customize your play style and make your character more unique. There’s a vast variety of glyphs, so every player can find something to suit their style.

TERA offers over 300 different glyphs with which you can adjust your class skills. For example, you can reduce the cast time, lower MP costs or add effects like slowing down enemies with an attack.


Upon reaching level 20, you’ll find a quest at the Valkyon Federation Headquarters in Velika called “Uncovering Glyphs”. Through this quest, you’ll gain your first glyph and ten glyph points. With every subsequent level, you gain one more point. Once you have your first glyph, the glyph menu will be available as a second tab under the skill menu (K).

You can buy and learn as many glyphs as you want from the glyph masters located near the skill trainers in large cities. After that, you’ll need to use your glyph points in order to activate the glyphs you want to use. When you run out of glyph points, you will not be able to activate any more glyphs. At the bottom of the glyph menu, you’ll see how many points you have in total and how many are already in use. To activate glyphs, just click on the ones you want and invest the necessary points.

You can create up to 5 different glyph templates and can change between them using a “Glyph Toggle”, which you can buy for a few pieces of gold from normal merchants.

If you want to customize a glyph setup, you can simply remove all the points and distribute them again, or just deactivate a certain glyph in order to regain the points invested before.

Applying Glyphs

First and foremost, a player needs to buy a glyph from glyphmasters. A recently purchased glyph will appear in a player’s inventory. Right-clicking on the glyph will add it to the player’s glyph list.

By pulling up the skill window and selecting the ‘Glyphs’ tab, the player can see all the possible glyphs, as well as currently held glyphs. There is a toggle for hiding unpurchased glyphs as well. The screen will show glyphs next to what skill they modify. At the bottom right corner of the glyph icon is a circle with a number in it. The number indicates how many glyph points it will cost to equip the glyph. Glyphs a player has enough to equip have a red circle; glyphs that the player can’t afford have a gray circle. At the bottom right is a number that indicates free glyph points over total glyph points.

Clicking on the glyph icon will select it. After a player has selected his or her desired glyphs, he or she must click ‘Apply’ to finalize the choices and activate the glyphs.

You can change glyphs configuration whenever you want, and save it with the ‘floppy disk’ icon that is in the menu. There is the possibility to save up to 5 glyphs configuration but to do that you will need a glyph toggle which costs 15 gold.

Glyph Points

When a character reaches level 20, he or she will automatically obtain 10 glyph points. Glyph points are used to assign glyphs, therefore limiting the amount of glyphs a player can place on his or her character. Glyphs costs from 2-7 glyph points, depending on the quality of the glyph. Upon leveling up, a player will earn one glyph point per level.

It is possible to reset glyph points if a player is not satisfied. For a fee, a glyph master will deactivate any glyphs and refund spent points. The glyphs are not destroyed, so a player won’t have to repurchase them. The fee scales with the character, increasing for every glyph point available.

Glyph Types

Every glyph increases a skill’s effect:

  • Glyphs of Influence and Brilliance help skills cost less MP
  • Glyphs of Energy and Persistence give skills shorter cooldowns
  • Glyphs of Lingering increase skill durations.

There are hundreds of glyphs for hundreds of skills, each of which has one to four different glyphs available. City glyphmasters provide them, but you decide whether to activate multiple glyphs on one skill or spread your augmentation over many skills.


One sorcerer may focus all her glyphs on speeding up access to and boosting the power of his or her favorite skill (Blazing, Impelling, and Empowered Fireblast), while another focuses on reducing downtime on all his or her skills (Energetic Overchannel, Blazing Fireblast, Energetic Void Pulse).

Whether soloing or tanking, lancers may find defensive combos advantageous. Pumped Stand Fast, Influential Stand Fast, plus Threatening Shield Counter give a lancer facing a big-ass monster extra damage with more aggro for less MP cost.

Slayers capitalize on knocking the enemy down. Persistent Overhand Strike, Restorative Overhand Strike, and Stunning Knockdown Strike provide a slayer the means to be more effective more often.

For healers in party play, most focus on healing themselves first (Restorative Heal Thyself or Energetic Thrall of Life), then everyone else second (Multiplicative Focus Heal or Blazing Arun’s Tears and Arun’s Vitae).



After reaching level 60, a whole bunch of new glyphs are available to you. These uncommon glyphs are a lot more powerful than those encountered until now, as they can reduce the costs of already acquired glyphs, or grant your skills new effects!

These glyphs can be bought in Allemantheia – Arcane Symposium and in Kaiator – Forgeheart for a special currency. In order to buy glyphs in Allemantheia, you’ll need to go into “Sirjuka’s Gallery” to get Silver and Gold Talents, and to buy glyphs in Kaiator, you have to go into the “Temple of Temerity”, where you get Practicum and Dire Badges!



Skill: Time Gyre – Glyph of Multiplication: Increases number of lock-on targets by 2.

Skill: Mindblast – Glyph of Sharing: Increases chance of debuff by 30% when skill hits multiple targets.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Mana Barrier – Glyph of Lingering: Increases effect duration by 50%.


Skill: Prayer of Peace – Glyph of Haste: Speeds casting by 100%.

Skill: Final Reprisal – Glyph of Slowing: 20% chance to decrease opponent’s movement speed by 30% for 4 seconds.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Ressurection – Glyph of Heartening: Resurrects target with 120 stamina.


Skill: Teleport Jaunt – Glyph of Energy: Decreases cooldown by 15%.

Skill: Sharan Bolt – Glyph of Power: Increases power by 25%.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Arun’s Vitae – Glyph of Restoration: Instantly restores 30% of caster’s HP.


Skill: Torrent of Blows – Glyph of Threat: Provides 20% additional aggro.

Skill: Poison Blade – Glyph of Virulence: Poison damage increased by 15%.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Scythe – Glyph of Sharpness: Exploit an Edge to inflict 25% more damage.


Skill: Evasive Roll – Glyph of Fleetfoot: 30% chance to increase movement speed by 15% for 10 seconds.

Skill: Triumphant Shout – Glyph of Spirit: MP regeneration increased by 50%.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Fury Strike – Glyph of Power: Increases skill damage by 25%.


Skill: Arrow – Glyph of Piercing: 10% chance to deal double damage.

Skill: Restraining Arrow – Glyph of Sap: 20% chance to stun opponent for 3 seconds.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Raining Arrow – Glyph of the Swift: Speed casting by 40%.


Skill: Cyclone – Glyph of Carving: Doubles critical hit rate.

Skill: Fiery Rage – Glyph of Pump: 30% chance to increase strength by an additional 10% for 20 seconds.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Cyclone – Glyph of Carving: Doubles crit chance.


Skill: Challenging Shout – Glyph of Threat: Provides 20% additional aggro.

Skill: Leash – Glyph of Longshot: Increases range by 3 meters.

Uncommon Glyph – Skill: Shield Barrage – Glyph of Threat: Provides 200% additional aggro.

tera warrior pvp

Warrior PvP is a whole different story to warrior PvE. In PvP, every class hates us. Why? Because of our stuns and staggers and ability to survive. Also, haters be hatin’.

Regardless of all the hate, I will give you tips & tricks to being even more annoying. Again, I am not the best warrior at PvP, there are plenty of others that are better than me. If you use any of these against me, I will remove this section.

Am I joking? Who knows.

Both stances (Assault Stance & Defensive Stance) are viable for PvP. Defensive Stance warriors are hated more than Assault Stance. Want to know why? Continue reading to find out. Read More

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